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Where to See Totem Poles in British Columbia

Carved by First Nations people, totem poles are popular tourist attractions that can be found in many coastal communities in British Columbia. Totem poles are of spiritual significance to the First Nations people and not only do the totems preserve their art, but they capture the living spirit of the tree to tell the history of their legends and tribal families.

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BC’s Biggest Attractions Are Often in the Smallest Places

Most visitors to BC assume that the biggest attractions are located in and around our largest city, Vancouver, or perhaps our provincial capital, Victoria. In one sense, they would be right, but in the literal sense, they are totally wrong. It’s not Vancouver that has the world’s largest fly rod (all 60 feet and 800 lbs of it) – the town of Houston does. Read more…

Top 5 Easy Hikes Near Victoria

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Victoria, BC, and travelers to the area often spend as much time exploring some of the natural nearby beauty. There are several easy hikes that are great for families of all ages to explore near Victoria. Like the city itself, the trails are often rich with history, yet full of scenery as hikers can get a good feel for the natural and rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Read more…

Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park Near Victoria

Witty’s Lagoon Regional Park is a great area for a day-hike near Victoria and is located in the Metchosin region along the southern coast of Vancouver Island. Sitting Lady Falls is one of the main attractions in the park, offering scenic views of the waterfall as it cascades over the cliff and down into the canyon below.

The Beach Trail is the best route to follow as it passes the waterfall and continues downhill out toward the beach looking southeast towards Washington State and across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. From the main entrance, walk down the trail as it descends into the forest. Almost immediately, you begin to hear the rushing water of Sitting Lady Falls. At the first junction, go right onto the wooden overpass and enjoy several of the views of the waterfall. Continue along this trail as it descends down towards the lagoon and eventually crosses a wooden bridge. Read more…