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Some of the Best Family Biking Trails in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, British Columbia

Vancouver is known for being a super bike-friendly city. In the past few years the downtown core has enjoyed the addition of dedicated bike lanes and in the summer of 2016 the City of Vancouver introduced Mobi, a public bike-sharing program. There are lots of amazing spots to ride in Vancouver, like the Stanley Park Seawall, Queen Elizabeth Park or Pacific Spirit Park, but I thought I’d share some of our favourite, family-friendly cycling routes from outside Vancouver. Read more…

Chasing Winter Waterfalls at Cascade Falls Regional Park, BC

Crunchy snow, glittering icicles, and beautiful emerald-coloured water are just a sampling of what you will experience on a winter visit to Cascade Falls Regional Park near Mission, BC. Read more…

Baby and Me Hikes: A fresh perspective for a bleary-eyed new parent

When I had my baby, I had only just moved from my social mecca of Vancouver to the quiet suburb of Port Coquitlam with my partner. I found myself truly lost in the social landscape of my new town, without local friends, colleagues or baristas who knew me by name.  After a couple of months of new-family bliss, my partner returned to work, and I took a long, hard look at the community I had adopted.  I needed to get outside, and I needed to get comfortable spending a lot of time close to home. Read more…