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Little Known Hot Springs in British Columbia

Many of us know about the popular hot springs around British Columbia that are part of a resort or destination experience such as Harrison Hot Springs, Fairmont Hot Springs, and Ainsworth Hot Springs. The main benefit is they’re easy to access, but the downside is they cost a few bucks per soak, or are only available to hotel guests. Read more…

5 Best Hikes Near Tofino – A Majestical Experience

Tofino is a destination that gives visitors a true feeling of the vast and wild Pacific Northwest. Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, it’s about a 3-hour drive from Nanaimo along one of British Columbia’s most scenic driving routes, passing through old-growth rainforests before reaching the beaches along the Pacific Ocean. Read more…

Places in British Columbia where Bigfoot Hangs Out

Did you know British Columbia has a legendary creature that has baffled scientists, environmentalists, and curiosity seekers over the years? Bigfoot is a large hairy creature resembling an oversized monster gorilla, that walks on two legs like a human. Sometimes called Sasquatch, from the Sts’ailes word “Sa:sq’ets”  which means wild man, reported sightings in the province go back about 200 years when the early settlers had encounters with this mythological animal. Read more…