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Spring Motorcycle Camping in Parksville, British Columbia

Motorcycle camping and touring is increasing in popularity but like RVs it’s great to do an overnighter as preparation before the longer tour.

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Packing a Lightweight Backpack to go Hiking Overnight

You have identified a one-night hike in the woods. Assuming you have chosen your sleeping bag, tent, and appropriate hiking boots – and yes, those choices can be torturous! – Your next step is to fill your pack with the necessities for a short trip in the wilderness. In addition to survival basics – like a map and compass, water, food, a place to cook it, and a flashlight – how do you know what you will and won’t need? Read more…

Now You’re Cooking with Fire: My Five Favourite Campfire Recipes

My favourite camping preoccupation is cooking. Well, more specifically, eating. Once my tent is up and my gear is organized, not an hour goes by that I don’t spend mentally preparing for my next meal. Because of my predication for open flame cooking, there are always ashes on my plate – and a smile on my face. So without further ado, I present to you my top five easy recipes for cooking right on your campfire – no stove required! Read more…