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Where to See Totem Poles in British Columbia

Carved by First Nations people, totem poles are popular tourist attractions that can be found in many coastal communities in British Columbia. Totem poles are of spiritual significance to the First Nations people and not only do the totems preserve their art, but they capture the living spirit of the tree to tell the history of their legends and tribal families.

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Fly Over Canada Attraction, Vancouver

Living in the suburbs and only venturing into Vancouver a few times a year, a trip was planned to check-out the new attraction at 999 Canada Place which opened in June called “Fly Over Canada”.  My friend and I decided to drive from Coquitlam and parked our car at the Impark Parking Lot on Cordova Street, Vancouver. This is a low cost lot and a good location to park and explore Vancouver on the weekend being $7.00 for the day and within walking distance of the attraction.

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