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Hiking Near Whistler, British Columbia

The Whistler area is known to offer ample outdoor fun during both summer and winter months. I love going to Whistler because it’s less than a two-hour drive from Vancouver, yet it feels like a getaway, and is close enough for a quick weekend mini vacay. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or camping in the woods, the nature and stunning views in the surrounding area are simply breathtaking. Situated in the alpine forests, overlooking the coast mountains of the Squamish area it is the perfect home base for the outdoorsy souls. Read more…

Little Known Hot Springs in British Columbia

Many of us know about the popular hot springs around British Columbia that are part of a resort or destination experience such as Harrison Hot Springs, Fairmont Hot Springs, and Ainsworth Hot Springs. The main benefit is they’re easy to access, but the downside is they cost a few bucks per soak, or are only available to hotel guests. Read more…

Relax, Refresh & Rest Up Along the Sea to Sky Highway

Whether you’re driving alone, in pairs or with children, a successful and relaxing road trip requires regular breaks – be it for bathrooms, stretching your legs, enjoying a beautiful viewpoint or simply taking in some fresh air. Read more…