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6 of the Most Amazing “Undiscovered” Restaurants in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, BC

When you think about dining in the Vancouver area we all know about the hottest restaurants with the crazy reservation list, or even worse, the line-ups, but what about when you want an amazing, but more low-key meal? There are so many places to eat in the region that it’s daunting to know where to start, so we’ve done the research for you and are pleased to present the following “undiscovered” restaurants for your dining pleasure. Read more…

Step Into Spring – 6 Must Do Family Adventures Close to Vancouver, British Columbia

There are family-friendly activities to do in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region year-round, but there’s something special about shaking off winter and heading out for a family adventure in the spring. Here are 6 of our favourite spring family adventures. Read more…

British Columbia is Best for Hiking, Watching Wildlife and Camping

According to Destination Canada, hiking, watching wildlife, and camping are the most popular activities for Canadians when traveling domestically, and where better than British Columbia to experience all three! Read more…

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Country Fest

Do you remember going to good old-fashioned country fairs as a kid? Or maybe you heard about country fairs from your parents or grandparents. Country fairs were huge community events with neighbours competing against each other to be the best in their category: baking cakes, painting masterpieces, harvesting the largest pumpkin, and growing the best apples.

Fairs are still held in communities all over British Columbia – in mall parking lots, fairgrounds, and even in local parks – often coinciding with another event such as school spring break or Canada Day celebrations. Due to space limitations at smaller fairs there usually aren’t any local businesses selling their wares, agriculture displays, or craft contests. These smaller fairs usually consist of amusement park rides, midway games of chance, and vendors selling fair food: mini donuts, deep fried Oreo cookies, and corn dogs.

Read more…