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Train Spotting: Highway 1 Craigellachie to Field, British Columbia, Canada

We decided to end the second wonderful day of train spotting at the beautiful Three Valley Lake Chateau. Built and operated by the Bell family, this is an ideal spot for the rail fan. With excellent accommodation and restaurant, the feature for us was Three Valley Gap Ghost Town which includes a roundhouse with several rail cars and locomotive. And the meticulously dismantled, moved and reconstructed CPR’s Bellevue Hotel – complete with the original crockery and the historic menu of the day. Get a great preview from 3valley.com. Read more…

Train Spotting: Highway 1 Vancouver to Lytton in British Columbia, Canada

I have been a “foamer”–that is a fanatical train buff since I was a kid in Edmonton (1950’s), and I never miss an opportunity to watch and experience trains whenever I can. Travelling east from Vancouver to the Rockies at the Alberta border has given me many wonderful opportunities to view and experience Canada’s major trains. The Canadian Pacific (CPR) is the trans-continental railway that was first built in the 1880s to secure British Columbia as part of Canada. Highway 1 parallels the CPR most of the way through the Province and there are many spots well worth stopping at to be a regular Train Spotter; and a terrific bonus is that we get to experience trains in some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Read more…

West Coast Railway Museum Squamish

I have been a railway fan forever. There is nothing to compare with the sound of a racing steam engine whistling for a crossing on a cold winter morning. You can imagine my delight to find there is an awesome railway museum not far from Vancouver that is home to an operating Classic Royal Hudson steam engine. Read more…