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8 Places to Zip Line in British Columbia

British Columbia is a huge attraction for people who love the outdoors live and everything it can offer. If you seek the thrill of adventure and love nature, catching a ride on a British Columbia zip line combines incredible views, an adrenaline rush, and the insane feeling of weightlessness while soaring over tree tops? And best of all, people with all fitness levels can participate. Catch a thrilling ride on a zip line and the worst part of the day is when the fun is over. Read more…

The Coolest 90 Seconds in Vancouver

Is there anything scarier than being on a roller coaster? Whipping along at a hundred miles an hour, dropping four hundred feet, flying backwards, and traveling upside down at warp speed. For the most part, amusement park thrill rides serve no other purpose than to scare riders with the possibility that they might not live through the experience.

Vancouver has a traditional wooden roller coaster sitting on the grounds of Canada’s oldest amusement park, Hastings Park. The roller coaster materializes from the ground like a ghostly appendage with aging boards that look like they were hastily slapped together. The construction looks so rickety it seems possible to take an axe to one of the lower beams, hack away, and watch the structure easily toppling over.

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