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Relaxing at Nakusp Hot Springs, British Columbia – Circle Tour day 6 and 7

After a picturesque drive on Highway 6 from Christina Lake we arrived at Nakusp Hot Springs Chalets and Campground around 5:00 pm on a sunny August evening. Just outside the town of Nakusp is the turn off for the springs and after the12 km drive, seemingly mostly uphill, and at the end of the road, is Nakusp Hot Springs. Read more…

Brake for a Break on the Crowsnest Highway 3, Osoyoos to Nelson, British Columbia

The Crowsnest Highway stretches some 1,150 kilometres east to west through the southern sections of British Columbia and Alberta, and offers some incredibly scenic and quaint stops along the way.

Part two of this feature about the historic Crowsnest Highway (originally built in 1932), covers some charming places to relax, have a bite and take a break while on the road from Osoyoos to Nelson, British Columbia along this idyllic country route. Read more…

From Osoyoos to Christina Lake then onto Nakusp Hot Springs – Circle Tour day 4 and 5

Another fine sunny day for a drive along Highway 3 on our way to Christina Lake. As we pulled out from Nk’Mip campground and headed up the switchbacks (known as Anarchist Mountain), we passed where our friends Connie and Bruce live. It is there on their property that you can see a Tipi and a Tiny House from the road as you head out of the Osoyoos Valley. Read more…