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Special Camping Offers for Canadian RVing & Camping Week May 23-28

Get your camping gear out, open up the RV or camper and plan to take advantage of special discounted camping rates during the third annual Canadian RVing and Camping Week, May 23-28, 2017. Read more…

Barkerville Gold Rush Town

Tucked away in the Cariboo region, British Columbia’s best known ghost town is Barkerville. In 1862 the town was founded by Billy Barker, who was originally from England. He tried his luck in California during the gold rush days and eventually headed to British Columbia where he struck it rich in gold.

The town quickly grew as word spread about the gold and Barkerville became the largest town north of San Francisco. Like many other gold mining towns, business was booming for shopkeepers who sold supplies to the miners, and soon a town sprung up with tents and makeshift cabins, and then houses, businesses, restaurants, churches, and even a theatre opened to meet the miner’s needs.

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