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Five Great Gifts for the Day-Tripper, Hiker, Walker and the Travel Aficionado.

By PoMoDee

Each year I search out products for you, to help take out the guess work of your gift giving season.

We have all bought a gift for someone, and as we wrap it we are thinking “I hope they like it!” and also “this better work”. Each year I search high and low for that one gift – okay five gifts that are the newest must haves.  This year I am searching for you – the traveler.  By travelling, I am not just thinking of the airplane, I’m thinking more of the year-round local staycation traveler, the day tripper, the camper, the RVer or the one who needs devices and gadgets to aid in the successful family vacation.

Umbrella OpenWe have all used an umbrella at one point in our life.  Did you know world-wide at any given time there are more that 1.5 million umbrellas in use.  These can be used for rain, sun and now they even stand up to wind.  Yes, I said wind. Gone are the days when you open up your expensive umbrella and it’s blown to bits.  We all like to go for walks in the rain and we need a time-trusted umbrella that will be there when we need it – wind happens when we least expect it.  Well Totes has you “covered”, with their Titan Collection  with maximum strength aluminum frame that can withstand winds up to 70 mph and comes in a variety of colors and even auto open/close feature too.  The best is, that Totes has a lifetime warranty.

My other great gift is for walkers and hikers as there are many colder, damp days and getting outside on some of those is a hard motivator.  But this Bluetooth Toque (The Blu) is a hot seller – not only does it keep your ears warm, it allows you more freedom – no more wires attached to your iPhone, Android, or tablet, just pair it with your device and you are good to go for 6 hours.

This next one has the wee ones in mind.  We are hesitant to give the little ones our phones and cameras, well now you can give them their own Kidizoom digital camera from Vtech.  It is a 2 megapixel camera with a 4X zoom so they can take close-ups of the bugs.  It is pre-loaded with 35 animated effects, 4 creative apps, 4 games and templates that allow them to be creative.  Don’t worry about them missing the great selfie shots – it has a face detector.  Uses a Micro USB Cable and has a Micro SD card slot (card not included). Available in pink and blue.

We go for a walk or hike and most of us take a bottle of water – good idea – yes!  Better idea?  The Hydaway bottle. You fill up a 12 or even 21oz. BPA-free silicone bottle with water, carry it with the handy carry handle and it also comes with a flip straw for easy sipping and less spilling. Once you are done it folds up into a nice hockey puck looking disc that can be thrown into a pocket or pack.  Available in 9 fashionable colours.

My final gift is for the travel aficionado – The Matador Pocket blanket.  This 44” X 63” blanket comes in two colors – Original Red and Alpine Green and is about the same size as a package of playing cards when folded according to their easy pack design.  It is weighted with small pull out corner stakes for grass or little sand pockets for use on the beach.  Don’t want to sit on the wet ground?  No worries, the blanket is coated on the underside which keeps you clean, dry and free from stains.  The weight is 108 grams.

Post your outdoor gift ideas and BC travel photos at #TravelinBC


About the Author

PoMoDee (Darlene) is a Social Media Coordinator who manages platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Google +. Darlene was born and raised in British Columbia and currently resides in Port Moody. Darlene is an avid camper, who has been camping since the age of two and still enjoys the serene setting of a campsite. Interests include writing, crafting, crocheting, photography and anything and everything Beach.


2 responses to “Five Great Gifts for the Day-Tripper, Hiker, Walker and the Travel Aficionado.”

  1. Ruth Stebbing says:

    Great gift ideas. Thanks.It solved a Christmas gift issue for my son.

  2. Da says:

    How about a product created in BC. The multifunctional quick dry travel towel – Chawel.
    More than 5 uses in 1

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