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Train Spotting: Highway 1 Lytton to Craigellachie, British Columbia, Canada

We decided to stay at the Kumsheen Rafting Resort located a few kilometres east of Lytton in the scenic Thompson River canyon. Here we were well into BC’s semi-desert country with lofty ponderosa pines and tumbleweeds and the wonderful smell of sage. We chose the well-priced “yurt” – the best of both worlds, sleeping in a tent with comfortable bed and solid deck below. We had a fabulous meal on the patio of Cutting Board Restaurant and bonus – we could hear the westbound CPR trains just below the resort as well as the eastbound CNR trains across the canyon. Read more…

Ghost Towns of British Columbia – Sandon and Phoenix

I consider myself an adventurous traveler, but I have to be honest about my squeamishness. I can do backpackers hostels, I can camp in the rain, and I can survive for days on cold peanut butter sandwiches. But I draw the line at spooky, dusty, abandoned buildings and graveyards.  And my partner Jon is always trying to get me out of the car to check out abandoned churches, cabins, and rickety little enclosures. Yes folks, as much as I wish I could hack it, I just don’t have the stomach for Ghost towns.  Unfortunately for me, BC is full of them.

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