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Springtime Bucket List – 6 Things to Do in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, British Columbia

Spring is finally here in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains and with the days getting longer, the weather getting warmer and the spring flowers blooming, we think it’s the perfect time to start planning your spring adventures. Here are a few of our must do springtime activities. Read more…

5 Awesome Suspension Bridges Near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Suspension bridges.  You either love them or you don’t!  For some, the thought of crossing a swinging bridge, suspended hundreds of feet in the air, is exhilarating. While others either cross as quickly as possible, or consider the merits of staying put.

When one thinks of suspension bridges in British Columbia, the mind instantly goes to the world-famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, but did you know that there are in fact, many suspension footbridges in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region? Each bridge is awesome in it’s own right and each has it’s own unique features that make it special. Read more…

Hidden Gem Waterways for Fishing in British Columbia

It’s no secret that British Columbia is one of the best places to go fishing in the world. With more than 20,000 kilometers of coastlines, tens of thousands of kilometers of streams and rivers, and more than 25,000 lakes in the province, there’s no way to lose on your BC fishing trip. Whether you’re hoping to while away the hours in a boat just to relax or on the hunt for your trophy catch, you can find what you’re looking for in BC. Read more…

Horse Racing in British Columbia, Canada

There are two types of horse racing action in British Columbia – Thoroughbred racing and Standardbred racing. The Thoroughbred races take place at Hastings Park in Vancouver and are the type of races where a jockey rides the horse. Standardbred racing operates at Fraser Downs in Cloverdale (Surrey) where the horse pulls a sulky and driver around the track.

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Fly Over Canada Attraction, Vancouver

Living in the suburbs and only venturing into Vancouver a few times a year, a trip was planned to check-out the new attraction at 999 Canada Place which opened in June called “Fly Over Canada”.  My friend and I decided to drive from Coquitlam and parked our car at the Impark Parking Lot on Cordova Street, Vancouver. This is a low cost lot and a good location to park and explore Vancouver on the weekend being $7.00 for the day and within walking distance of the attraction.

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The Coolest 90 Seconds in Vancouver

Is there anything scarier than being on a roller coaster? Whipping along at a hundred miles an hour, dropping four hundred feet, flying backwards, and traveling upside down at warp speed. For the most part, amusement park thrill rides serve no other purpose than to scare riders with the possibility that they might not live through the experience.

Vancouver has a traditional wooden roller coaster sitting on the grounds of Canada’s oldest amusement park, Hastings Park. The roller coaster materializes from the ground like a ghostly appendage with aging boards that look like they were hastily slapped together. The construction looks so rickety it seems possible to take an axe to one of the lower beams, hack away, and watch the structure easily toppling over.

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