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9 of the Top Summer Music Festivals in Vancouver, Coast & Mountains, British Columbia

Summer is here which means that music festival season is upon us and the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region has music festivals to suit every musical taste! This summer festival-goers will enjoy everything from jazz and folk music to house music, blues and electronic dance music. And as amazing as the music will be, the locations are equally spectacular. With backdrops of mountains, oceans and rainforest this summer’s music festivals promise to be epic. Here are 9 of our favourites: Read more…

Step Into Spring – 6 Must Do Family Adventures Close to Vancouver, British Columbia

There are family-friendly activities to do in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains region year-round, but there’s something special about shaking off winter and heading out for a family adventure in the spring. Here are 6 of our favourite spring family adventures. Read more…

Horse Racing in British Columbia, Canada

There are two types of horse racing action in British Columbia – Thoroughbred racing and Standardbred racing. The Thoroughbred races take place at Hastings Park in Vancouver and are the type of races where a jockey rides the horse. Standardbred racing operates at Fraser Downs in Cloverdale (Surrey) where the horse pulls a sulky and driver around the track.

Read more…

50 Shades of Green – Redwood Park, Surrey, British Columbia

In 1893, on their 21st birthday, twin brothers David and Peter Brown received a recently logged piece of land from their father in the southeast corner of Surrey, British Columbia. They decided to create their perfect forest and began by planting Giant Sequoia saplings. Over the years the twins ordered exotic tree seeds from Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. They added a mix of trees native to British Columbia – firs, cedars, and maples – and even built a tree house in their forest where they lived for many years.

Today this 80 acre plot of land is known as Redwood Park, named after the original Giant Sequoia grove, and there are over 50 species of trees from around the world waiting to be discovered by nature lovers. Read more…