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A Weekend Adventure in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia

Last summer we spent a glorious extended weekend exploring the Fraser Canyon from Hope to Lytton where the rock formations along the mighty Fraser River push against the rushing waters that tumble through the narrow canyons. Cliffs rise from the edge of the canyon and one can glimpse trains making their way on what seems to be a perilous journey on rail lines seemingly hanging on to the cliff and diving into periodic tunnels through the rock. Read more…

BC’s Biggest Attractions Are Often in the Smallest Places

Most visitors to BC assume that the biggest attractions are located in and around our largest city, Vancouver, or perhaps our provincial capital, Victoria. In one sense, they would be right, but in the literal sense, they are totally wrong. It’s not Vancouver that has the world’s largest fly rod (all 60 feet and 800 lbs of it) – the town of Houston does. Read more…

Koko’s Activity Centre, Port Moody (Metro Vancouver) – Where Kids Have Fun!

Are you looking to banish the winter blues or beat the summer heat?  Koko’s Activity Centre located in Port Moody, British Columbia, has it all for kids between the ages of 6 months to 99 years with a fantastic indoor playground and party centre. They are ready to serve you every day of the year except Christmas Eve and Day. When the kids need a cool down, there is a movie viewing area and even a quieter comfortable seating area for adult’s weekends, including TV & Wi-Fi. Enjoy a meal at the Café. There is ample parking (yes, they can fit your RV).

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8 Places to Zip Line in British Columbia

British Columbia is a huge attraction for people who love the outdoors live and everything it can offer. If you seek the thrill of adventure and love nature, catching a ride on a British Columbia zip line combines incredible views, an adrenaline rush, and the insane feeling of weightlessness while soaring over tree tops? And best of all, people with all fitness levels can participate. Catch a thrilling ride on a zip line and the worst part of the day is when the fun is over. Read more…

Barkerville Gold Rush Town

Tucked away in the Cariboo region, British Columbia’s best known ghost town is Barkerville. In 1862 the town was founded by Billy Barker, who was originally from England. He tried his luck in California during the gold rush days and eventually headed to British Columbia where he struck it rich in gold.

The town quickly grew as word spread about the gold and Barkerville became the largest town north of San Francisco. Like many other gold mining towns, business was booming for shopkeepers who sold supplies to the miners, and soon a town sprung up with tents and makeshift cabins, and then houses, businesses, restaurants, churches, and even a theatre opened to meet the miner’s needs.

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Fly Over Canada Attraction, Vancouver

Living in the suburbs and only venturing into Vancouver a few times a year, a trip was planned to check-out the new attraction at 999 Canada Place which opened in June called “Fly Over Canada”.  My friend and I decided to drive from Coquitlam and parked our car at the Impark Parking Lot on Cordova Street, Vancouver. This is a low cost lot and a good location to park and explore Vancouver on the weekend being $7.00 for the day and within walking distance of the attraction.

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