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10 small animals frequently encountered when camping in British Columbia

Have you ever woken in your tent in the night to the sounds of small feet scurrying just a few feet from your sleeping bag? Nighttime interruptions can cause panic, especially if your imagination is as colourful as mine. Knowing what small species you are likely hearing may help you sleep better at night… and may also give you some happier wildlife identification moments the following day! Read more…

Places in British Columbia where Bigfoot Hangs Out

Did you know British Columbia has a legendary creature that has baffled scientists, environmentalists, and curiosity seekers over the years? Bigfoot is a large hairy creature resembling an oversized monster gorilla, that walks on two legs like a human. Sometimes called Sasquatch, from the Sts’ailes word “Sa:sq’ets”  which means wild man, reported sightings in the province go back about 200 years when the early settlers had encounters with this mythological animal. Read more…

Best Places to Spot Wildlife in British Columbia

Viewing wildlife is a fun activity for British Columbia residents and visitors, and there are many species of birds and small wildlife such as squirrels, rabbits, and opossums that can be easily spotted. Other wildlife are not so easy to find, hiding in the ocean or in mountain forests. Read more…